Your "Federated" timeline shows all the Toots from anyone anywhere that anyone you follow, well, follows.

For example, if you were to follow my account: @ajryan6of7, then anyone here at will see any Toots I make from that account in their "Federated" timeline.

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Let's talk about what "Toots" you see.

There are three main "timelines": Home, Local, and Federated.

Your "Home" timeline shows Toots of anyone you follow, and also Toots they have "boosted" or liked.

Your "Local" timeline shows all the Toots on your local server. So for example, only Toots for

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If you decide to put a content warning on your Toot, it gives you a "Title" box, or someplace where you can explain why you are giving the Toot a content warning. (For example, it's a Spoiler).

When someone sees the Toot, they will see the Title first, and they can choose to click to see the content inside.

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See the attached for more information on who can see the Toot. If you choose "Public" it will appear in all timelines for all Mastodon instances everywhere. Kind of like how Tweets are seen by anyone on Twitter.

You can also "Unlist" the Toot, meaning it's publicly available, but doesn't appear everywhere unless someone specifically looks for it.

You can also make it so it's only for your followers, or people you mention.

Show thread are the basics of making a "Toot." See the graphic attached.

When you make a Toot, you type into the box provided. You can decide to add a photo, or add a poll, or add emoji. You can decide who sees the Toot. You can decide to put a "content warning" on the toot, and the language for the Toot.

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Hi, Everyone! I'm going to attempt to explain how to use the Mastodon platform! It varies depending on if you are using Mastodon on a computer with a browser, or on a phone with an app, but the basics should stay about the same. Please see my next "Toot."


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